It’s Not the Great Resignation, It’s the Great Upgrade

By now, you’re probably well aware of the widespread Great Resignation. Chances are you’ve been affected by it at work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a staggering 4.5 million people quit their jobs in November 2021. But it’s not just limited to workers leaving their jobs — they’re looking for an upgrade, a better job.

Want to tap into this trend — or rather, opportunity? Here are three approaches.

Focus on transferable skills.

Many of the skills you have could be readily transferable. So, rather than trying to make yourself fit into a new job, why not make that job fit YOU?

Transferable skills aren’t just limited to soft skills, although many of those, such as problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking, certainly fall into this category. There are also technical skills that surely overlap among industries and roles.

Don’t sell yourself short.

If there were any time to be picky, it’s now. You shouldn’t have to settle for a job that seems okay when you can more than likely find something that’s close to perfect.

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