7 Ways To Invest And Build Wealth

People can have different goals when it comes to investing. Some may be seeking passive income. Some might be looking for large gains. And, others could simply want to protect their savings.

Categories in investing are often referred to as “asset classes,” an umbrella term referring to a group of investments that share common features.

Bonds and Bond Funds

A bond is defined as a debt-instrument that certifies an amount of money owed by one party to another—typically a corporation or government.

Real Estate or REITs

When thinking about real estate, residential properties may be one of the first things that comes to mind —such as, a single family home. 

ETFs and Passive Investing

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become one popular investment opportunity. An ETF is a security that usually tracks a specific industry or index by investing in any number of stocks or other financial instruments.

Gold and Silver Assets

Gold is one of the most tried and true of all asset classes. For thousands of years, in cultures and civilizations throughout the world, gold has been prized. The yellow metal is scarce, difficult to obtain, has many practical uses, and does not rest, tarnish, or erode.

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