Kids Day Out: How to Plan Your Next ‘Yes Day’

No matter how creative I try to be with indoor activities, my kids can still get cabin fever.

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Ground Rules

You need to set some ground rules. It’s okay to “break the rules” for the sake of fun.  You can always modify the rules for your family’s style.

Must be Deserved

Having a “Yes Day” doesn’t mean you’re spoiling your kids. The purpose of this special occasion is to prioritize family time together.

Pick a Date

It’s important to schedule the day and mark it on a calendar where everyone can see it.

Make a List of Activities

A list is an excellent way to start coming up with fun ideas for the family to do.

Kid’s Day Out Ideas

– Playgrounds – Sightseeing – Flying a kite – Storytime – Carousel ride – Legoland Amusement Park – Scavenger-hunt or treasure-hunt – Kid-friendly music class – Aquarium

So, next time you’re cuddling with your little ones, ask them, “Hey kids, want to have a ‘Yes Day’?”