Marie Kondo Method for Minimalist Living with Your Money 

The Marie Kondo method is all anyone is talking about and I’ve discovered a way to use the konmari method for minimalist living and to save you money.

Here, I’ll take you step by step to applying Marie Kondo’s tips to your finances.

First is you have to commit yourself to tidying up. That’s going to be important not just to get started but keeping your budget under control.

Six Rules of the KonMari Method

Next is to imagine your ideal lifestyle This is one of the most powerful things I teach in our goals-based investing strategy, making your goals real, making that mental picture of your ideal goals so they always motivate you.

Six Rules of the KonMari Method

Third here is to finish discarding first. With Marie Kondo’s method, this means working through that entire pile of clothes or whatever before you start putting things away.

The Konmari rules is tidying by category, not be room.

Rule five is to follow a specific order. So for Konmari, that’s clothes, books, papers, komono or miscellaneous items, and sentimental items. There’s a special reason for this and it’s also going to really help you with your bills.

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