8 Marriage Goals: What 10+ Years Taught Us That Strengthened Our Marriage

There is no surprise that every couple goes through their challenges and tests in their relationship. One of my favorite marriage quotes is, “No one is perfect. People are just perfect for each other.

So here are eight marriage goals every couple should strive for to help strengthen their relationship with their spouse.

Why Having Marriage Goals Is Important

As the relationship continues, several life events can happen, such as having a baby, getting a new job, taking on a responsibility, or relocating to buy a new house. Notice how none of these examples are negative, but just typical living.

1. Communicate More and Better Good communication is essential in any relationship. Therefore, if there is one marriage goal you should strive for, it’s this one.

2. Monthly Dates We all get busy. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for you and your spouse not to have a date night.  You two need alone time together without distractions.

3. Work On A Project Together Working on a project together is a great way to strengthen the bond in your relationship.

4. Hug Before You Leave for the Day

Physical touch is one of the vital love languages, and a hug or kiss doesn’t take more than a few seconds to do. So, there isn’t any excuse not to show any physical intimacy before one of you leaves for the day.

5. Have a Weekend Getaway

Scheduling a monthly date night is excellent. How about stepping it up a bit with a weekend romantic getaway?

6. Share a Book Is one of you an avid reader? Then, just like how you can watch a movie together and discuss it over a meal, you two can use the same concept.

7. Don’t Keep a Book of Wrongs There will come a time when every couple will have a disagreement or a misunderstanding. It’s inevitable. However, how you two work through the tough times will determine how long your relationship will last.

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