Mother In Law Suite: 8 Key Things To Consider Before Adding a New Space

Are you considering adding a mother in law suite to the floor plan of your single-family home?

What is a Mother In Law Suite?

mother-in-law suite is a dwelling that is separate from the main house. It can be attached or detached, and it usually has a separate entrance.

Types of Mother in Law Suites

Converted Space

Many homeowners convert an existing space into a mother-in-law suite, including an unused garage or a basement.

For a homeowner to build an accessory dwelling unit, the property needs to have sufficient space.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

1. Zoning Laws 2. Building Codes 3. Location 4. Homeowner Association 5. Cost to Build 6. Utilities 7. Loss of Yard Space 8. Insurance

8 Things To Consider Before Adding a Mother In Law Suite?

Converted suites are generally the cheapest and may only cost a few thousand to build if there’s already electricity and plumbing in the structure.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Mother In Law Suite?

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