Moving On to Better Opportunities: How to Resign Gracefully

Do you dread going to your job every day? Are you constantly counting down the days until the weekend or vacation?

Taking the time to figure out why you want to leave can help you make an informed decision and avoid making the same mistake.

If you do decide to quit, make sure you do it in the most professional way possible.

Resist the urge to just clock out one day and never return. You may feel like a cool rebel for a day, but doing this can be detrimental to your career over the long term.

Give Your Employer Adequate Notice

A resignation letter is a formal, written record of your decision to leave. It should include the date you plan to leave, any reasons for your departure, and a thank you for the opportunity.

Write a Formal Resignation Letter

Be honest but also be professional in your responses, as this reflects how you handle difficult conversations.

Prepare to Answer Difficult Questions

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