Old Disney VHS Tapes That Sold For Thousands

In 2022 VHS tapes are thought of as relics, sequestered in a cupboard or in the attic, never to be played again. With modern shiny options like Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming services (that you don’t have to rewind after watching), it’s only natural to have forgotten our old friend VHS.

Think twice the next time you’re fighting your hoarding tendencies. Some Disney VHS tapes are accruing value amongst collectors, and not all of them are that uncommon.

How Do I Know What I Have?

Disney released six different collections of classic films between 1978 and 2001, the most valuable being Disney’s Black Diamond Classics Collection.

Print Date/Time

Look for the ‘six-digit code-four digit code’ on the side of the VHS (image below). The first six digits refer to the date of manufacture in MMDDYY format

VHS Copyright Year

The year this VHS was released but not necessarily produced. Look on the cassette label or the back/spine of the VHS case. You may have to convert dates from Roman Numerals.

Content Copyright Year

Search online for the name of the content or watch the VHS end credits. The content copyright year should be located next to the Disney emblem.

Popular Tapes

Black Diamond Classic Walt Disney ”the Jungle Book” 1991

Price: $4,995.00 This one wasn’t even sealed, and it sold for almost five grand!

Black Diamond Classic Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast -Vhs Sealed

Price: $37,777.77 This was the most expensive one I could find in recent history, and now for almost 40 grand, it is just sitting on someone's shelf.

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