Rake in the Passive Income With Self-Publishing 

It's the financial golden ticket. The gift that keeps on giving. Practically free money streaming into your bank account on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. And all it takes is a little strategically organized work up front. Once the system starts rolling, you “sit back” and collect your passive income.

Think of the royalties musicians get for their songs or actors and directors if they’re participating in box office sales for their movies. For example, Robert Downey Jr. was paid $500,000 for his acting in the first  film but earned three times that after the movie came out because of the profit-sharing “back-end” he had negotiated

Of course, you're not likely to see that much money in passive income, but entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki and Tom Hopkins prove you can still be earning passive income decades after the initial work is done.

Can You Build Passive Income Online?

Yes, building a passive income online is possible. The key is creating multiple streams of revenue. Whether you’re trying to generate a monthly paycheck or create a constant stream of passive income


One of these online income sources is almost completely passive. The best part is that it’s an easy income source you can combine with one of the others. We’re talking self-publishing here. Now before you click out, thinking you can’t write a book, anyone can do this, and it will make you money every single month.

Amazon Marketing Services

The second tip here is to use Amazon Marketing Services. This is how you advertise your book directly on Amazon, where people are most likely to buy it. For just about $20 per book each month, you can get hundreds of visitors to a book page and dozens of sales

Using Social Media to Create Passive Income Sale

This next tip is an easy one. If you’ve got a website, you’ve probably already got some way you share on social media.

Diversifying Your Passive Income Stream

Create two or three books a year, the numbers will work out for you, and you will be successful. Averaging around two hundred dollars a month on each book adds up when you’ve got five books published. So that’s an extra $1000 a month you could have coming in.

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