Work From Home? Here Are The 13 Best Entry Level Jobs!

Working from home has its benefits. You can roll out of bed, throw on a hat or your favorite sweatshirt, grab your laptop, and start working.

Companies can save money on large commercial rental spaces and studies have shown more employees are productive at home.

Virtual Assistant

Are you someone who is super organized or has front desk/office management experience? Then becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) might be up your street.

Freelance Work

Freelance work is growing leaps and bound. It’s something you can do full-time or part-time. Heck, you could even do your work from home job and freelance on the side!


Many companies have audio and video that they need to transcribe into text. For example, podcasts often need an associated transcription that can be published online to accompany the episode.


Translating is similar to transcription, but you can only take on projects if you can read/write/speak the languages that are involved.

Social Media Management

Everyone’s on social media, right, including you? Now, what if we said you can actually make money from home by posting social media updates on behalf of individuals and companies.

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