Rent a Friend: Get Paid to Be A Friend

Making money outside of your full-time career has never been easier. In fact, just about every idea you could ever think of is now a genuine possibility for you to make money. Take, for example, Rent a Friend.<

Rent a Friend is an online platform that literally allows people to Rent a Friend for a special event, for fun, and considers itself the premier virtual friend. And to top it off, they will pay you to be a friend to someone else.

So the basic deal with Rent a Friend is that it’s a worldwide directory of people who are willing to be someone else’s friend in exchange for an agreed payment. Friends for hire sign up to the platform and provide details about themselves, such as name, age, location, and interests, as well as the types of activities they’re willing to do.

How does Rent a Friend work?

Rent a Friend is both legal and legit. The platform is genuine and, depending on the arrangements you make as a friend for hire, you can make money by simply being someone’s companion. How much you make and how awkward a possible friendship might be is always up to determination!

Is Rent a Friend Legal?

Rent a Friend does not carry out background checks on people who register, and so there’s no guarantee whether the person you’re chatting with is trustworthy, kind, etc. Even though it is not a dating website, similar to a dating website, you should exercise caution when meeting anyone online.

Is Rent a Friend safe?

This all depends on how many people you arrange to meet and how much you charge them for the privilege. Rent a Friend says rates start at $10 an hour, but it’s up to friends for hire to set rates that they are comfortable with.

How much money can you make on Rent a Friend?

Interested in using Rent a Friend to make some money on the side? Luckily, getting started is very easy, and you can create a profile in just a few steps. Head over to and hit the ‘Join Now’ button towards the top of the screen. You’ll be asked whether you want to ‘Become a member or ‘Become a friend’ — choose the latter option if you’re wanting to use the platform for a side hustle.

Getting started with Rent a Friend

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