Rules for Using Real Estate Investing to Create Passive Income

Dr. Peter Kim has taken many steps, and he has since added a few rules to improve his likelihood of success.

What steps have you taken to create passive income for yourself?

I’ve heard stories of people who didn’t follow the rules outlined below and started with a shockingly large sum. In some cases, things did not end well for the novice investor.

You can get started on your passive income journey with companies like Groundfloor and Fundrise with as little as $10. Personally, I invested $500 before I felt comfortable investing $250,000. It’s best to get your feet wet with manageable sums of money.


Diversifying real estate income streams is the key to balancing risk and reward. There is more than just one way to create passive income using real estate investing without being a landlord.

Watch the Market

Paying close attention to the market has a huge impact on your portfolio as a real estate investor. Learning how various parts of the real estate market react to changing economic conditions can help you find the best opportunities to keep passive real estate income coming in consistently when certain areas of the country are experiencing a downturn.

Seek Professional Help

Whether you’re investing in real estate for passive income for the first time or you have several years of experience investing in real estate, consider calling in the professionals for help.

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