13 Recession Proof Stocks

To Weather the Storm

The industries that will do well are more affordable retail markets that sell consumer staples or even those discount retailers.

13 Recession Proof Stocks

Their prices are low and therefore people would prefer to shop there. It  saves them money, and they leave happy to be on a budget.

1. Walmart

Target, like Walmart, beat the recession of 2008, and now they have put in the work into their online presence as well

2. Target

Pepsi Co. is not just a soft drink company. They also own Fritos/Lays that gives them a more considerable margin.

3. Pepsi Co.

Lowes is a company that people began to flock to for doing home improvement projects.

4. Lowes

With less money in people’s pockets, they stop going out to eat. But, people are to look for cheaper options.

5. McDonalds

  Recessions tend to bring uncertainty to most investors. They do not know when they will end or when they will start. Here is a list of 13 recession-proof stocks that will keep going.