Save Money at the Pump As Gas Prices Skyrocket

The war in Ukraine has only added to fears of shrinking oil supplies, and gas prices have skyrocketed, inflicting more pain on a U.S economy already seeing elevated gas prices due to supply constraints and increased consumption.

Before you think about slamming the accelerator or weaving between lanes, consider the cost, literally.

Drive Responsibly

Comparing fuel prices can result in considerable savings, and several apps can make this process easier. Use GasBuddy to shop prices.

Price Shop Where You Get Your Gas

Using a gas rebate credit card and other cashback apps to get money back on fuel purchases.

Take Advantage of Cash Back Offers

Routine car maintenance is another avenue to increase fuel efficiency and save money. This includes regular tune-ups, clean air filters, properly inflated tires, and proper levels of oil and other fluids.

Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

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