Simple Things To Do With Kids to Learn About Money

You can’t tell a kid how money management works. Fortunately, I found simple things to do with kids to learn about money.

Burst with Arrow

Minimalist Living

I kindly remind them of all the toys they have in the playroom gifted from grandparents. 


My son came home from school with a Scholastic book order form. I told him that we only had a set budget for the month.

Real Estate

We always try to involve our kids in our real estate business whenever we can, such as taking them on-site to check on contractors.

Compound Interest

I accomplished this money lesson with the Marshmallow Test. It’s one of the simple things to do with kids that rewards patience.

As parents, we are responsible for educating our children to make wise decisions, including financial ones.

I’m all for supporting children through their financial needs. So, let’s help them understand their money.