Ways to Be a Frugal Traveler

Being a frugal traveler doesn’t have to mean missing out. In fact, it could mean you are able to experience even more because you cut costs along the way.

Timing Your Trip Right

While you’re not likely to get a great deal on a hotel on Cape Cod for Fourth of July weekend or a cheap flight to the Caribbean over Christmas, you may be able to score a sweet deal if you decide to go to either of those places during what is referred to as “shoulder season.”

Finding Flight Deals

Next Vacay , for example, is a website where users can input their destination, then simply wait for the site to send them daily emails with flight deals.

Scoring Deals on Accommodations

Hotels base prices on supply and demand, so when there is less demand (say in shoulder season) prices tend to fall. Beyond the season, you can also try looking into checking in and out on less popular days.

Setting a Travel Budget

A travel budget can help you to narrow down your choices, and also make sure that you are able to enjoy your trip without having to worry that you are spending more than you can afford.

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