Add These Historic U.S. Golf Courses to Your Bucket List 

For many, golf is not just how well you play but where you’ve played. Talk to any avid golfer, and they’ll ask about the courses you've teed off at. There are certainly no shortages of excellent golf courses in America, but these courses steeped in the game’s history should be on every player’s bucket list.

These 25 Historic Hotels of America that feature stunning courses designed by some of the most legendary architects of the game.

1. The Omni Homestead Resort – Hot Springs, Virginia

The oldest golf tee in continuous use in the United States is at the Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia, built in 1766.

2. Tubac Golf Resort and Spa – Tubac, Arizona

Bing Crosby invested in the course, and Robert “Red” Lawrence, a founding member of the American Society of Golf Couse Architects, designed it.

3. Woodstock Inn & Resort – Woodstock, Vermont

Opened in 1906, the course at Woodstock is the oldest public course in Vermont. Redesigned by architect Robert Trent Jones in the early 1960s, the course sits in the perfect Vermont landscape for a day out in nature.

4. Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa –  Bedford, Pennsylvania

Opening in 1895, the Bedford course is one of the oldest in the United States. Starting as one of the more extensive golf courses in the country, the 18-holes at Bedford have been designed by the most accomplished architects in the sport's history.

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