10 Helpful Tips for Parenting a Strong Willed Child

Parenting can be challenging – even more so if your child (or children) seems to be more difficult than others.

Strong-willed kids often become leaders because they are motivated and determined. Usually, a strong-willed child wants mastery.

You just have to survive raising them first as littles before they become terrific teens and successful adults. These tried and true tips are great for all types of children but work exceptionally well with ones that are a little more spirited.

1. Keep Your Cool

Keeping your cool is one of the best positive parenting strategies to avoid power struggles.

It’s essential to make sure your strong willed child isn’t having an outburst because of something that’s out of their control, such as sensory.

2. Understand Where They’re Coming From

3. Establish Ironclad Routines Some kids are amazing at rolling with the punches. Others have a hard time switching to a different routine. Thus, strong-willed kids do best with a consistent schedule, especially when it concerns your regular battlegrounds

4. Use the Magic of “When-Then” One of the best things you can do when parenting a strong-willed child is switching to “when-then” statements.

If you don’t already have one set up, this is an excellent time to implement some kind of reward system for encouragement to do good.

5. Reward Good Behavior

6. Have a Plan for Tricky Situations

Making a plan is the best way to solve or mitigate an outburst, meltdown, or defiant child when outside of the house.

7. Stay Firm and Ignore When Necessary

When you say no to your strong willed child you are setting limits. Stay firm and follow through even if they’re throwing tantrums in the grocery store or screaming big passionate feelings while you try to cook dinner.

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