12 Best 5G Stocks To Buy This Year

If you are following the adoption of 5G technology, you could be wondering if now is a good time to start investing and what the best 5G stocks to buy are.

This list contains a mixture of enterprise- and consumer-oriented firms involved in the phones, parts, and networks involved in the deployment of 5G.

Best 5G Stocks To Buy This Year

In 2021, NVIDIA stock more than doubled in price and there’s still potential for more. This could well be an exciting growth stock in the years to come, and a fantastic option for any futurists.


Ericsson is a big player in the 5G world in its own right. The company sells telecommunications equipment, services, and software. It currently has a 27% market share in 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks.


Verizon exceeded its initial plan to increase its 5G sites by 500% during 2021, ready for the deployment of its network. It now hopes to gain from more homes demanding 5G.

Verizon Communications

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