The 8 Best Vegan Restaurants  in Hawaii

Are you vegan, visiting Hawaii, or moving to the iconic islands? You will love the variety of vegan food here.

Leahi Health is a plant-based food lover’s paradise famous for its Buddha bowls, kale avocado tacos, smoothies, and drinks.

1. Leahi Health

The Veg-Out menu is rich with cuisines from different cultures, including Mexican, Indian, Greek, and Thai.

2. Veg-Out

They serve some incredible raw vegan meals, and you can quench your thirst or savor the freshly brewed kombucha tea.

3. Maui Kombucha

Peace Café is a top-tier vegan restaurant with a diverse menu, including Korean, Italian, and Moroccan dishes.

4. Peace Café

You would assume Juice Brew would serve up juice cleanses, but vegan and gluten-free foods are the main draws of this restaurant.

5. Juicy Brew

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