The Best Books of All Time

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How to Choose My Next book?

There is no shortage of books to read, and for many, that overabundance can turn into a chaotic struggle of finding the next book to read.

Green Blob

Finding a Book to Read

To find the perfect book for your next reading sessions, consider your favorite genre, think about whether you want to start a new series, and consider the style of book you prefer

42 Must Read Books

To help you decide, here are 42 of the best books of all time, from a variety of genres. You'll be sureto find something you love on this list!

Classic Fiction

Consider reading Ulysses, The Catcher in the Rye, or the Great Gatsby if you want to read an old classic fiction novel.


If romance is more of your style, dive into Jane Eyre, The Notebook, of the Time Travlers Wife. These books are sure to make you swoon!

Classic Fiction that Makes You Think

You have to check out 1984, a Handmaids Tale, and to Kill a Mockingbird if you want to think about social and political issues that are still relevant today.

Fantasy Novels

If you love getting lost in an epic fantasy, check out A Song of Ice and Fire, The Harry Pottery Series, or the Dark Tower Series.

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