The Best Inexpensive Things To Do in Western Montana 

Montana. Big Sky Country. The Treasure State.

The biggest surprise was just how inexpensive it is to tour Montana. The following are the best inexpensive things to do in western Montana.

Getting to Montana

The options for getting to western Montana will be different depending  on where you live, but for those in the Pacific Northwest like me, the  most inexpensive way to get there is to drive. From Portland it’s about 8 ½ hours to Missoula, and about 10 hours to Helena.

Last Chance Tour Train

If you’re staying in Helena like we did, the first thing I’d recommend doing is taking the Last Chance Tour Train. This tour lasts roughly an hour and a half and is a great way to see the  majority of the sights in old town Helena along with learning a little  bit of history.

Reeder's Alley and last Chance gulch

Reeder’s Alley and Last Chance Gulch were mentioned in the Tour Train  section, and they are the heart and soul of Helena and its history. Today, Last Chance Gulch serves as the main street of old town Helena as  well as a walking mall filled with shops and restaurants.

Montana Historical Society

If you take the Train Tour you may as well pop into the Montana  Historical Society Museum as well, being as that’s where you meet for  the tour. The Montana Historical Society Museum is another great way to learn about Montana’s history.

Cathedral of St. Helena

I love historical and ornate buildings, and what better way to combine these attributes than to visit a cathedral. I’ve been inside many cathedrals throughout the U.S., but I’ve never seen one as ornate as the Cathedral of St. Helena.

Capitol Building

The second tallest, and probably the largest overall, building in Helena is the capitol building. As with other capitol buildings, Montana’s state capitol building is free to tour as long as the building is open.

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