The Best Words of Encouragement for Kids

Encouraging words go a long way – especially for children.

Every child is endowed with the seed of greatness, and therefore, let’s smile and water it as a parent, a teacher, a person.

First, why use words to encourage kids anyway?

Top Words of Encouragement For Kids

1. Accomplish 2. Ambitious 3. Alive 4. Active 5. Attitude 6. Breathtaking

Quick List – Words to Encourage Children

1. You can do it! 2. I believe in you! 3. You’re capable of      great things! 4. Wow, you are amazing! 5. You are so thoughtful!

Phrases of Encouragement:

Words like “beautiful, deserving, loved, excellent, enough” make an enormous difference in kids’ lives.

Encouraging Words for Kids

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