Proper Golf Grip: 6 Simple Tips to Grip the Golf Club Better

If you’re trying to improve at golf, you know just how difficult the process can be. Oftentimes, countless lessons, boatloads of money spent on equipment, and tons of practice only amount to little or slow improvement.

One of the best ways to quickly improve your golf game without expending much effort is to make sure you have a proper golf grip.

An amateur player with a perfect golf grip will find it much easier to get their club face square at impact and improve their game than somebody with a poor golf grip.

The 10 Finger Grip

The 10 finger golf grip is one of the most basic grip types and is the one that new golfers typically start out with. This grip is called the “ten-finger grip” because each one of your ten fingers is touching the golf club.

The Interlock Grip

Used by Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, the interlock grip is slightly more popular than the ten-finger grip. To achieve this grip, start out with the ten-finger grip, move your hands closer together, and interlock the pinkie on your lower hand with the index finger of the higher hand.

The Overlap Grip

With over 90% of tour players estimated to use the overlap grip, it is by far the most popular in golf. Also known as the Vardon grip, the overlap grip is achieved by placing the pinkie of your lower hand over the ridge between your upper hand’s index and middle finger.

Make Sure Your Hands Are Positioned Properly

The first thing you’ll want to do to improve your golf grip is to grab a golf club and ensure that your hands are positioned correctly.

Use a Marker on Your Grips

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a molded grip trainer, but still want some guidance with your grip, you can carry around a sharpie with you and mark your gloves/hands accordingly.

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