15 Best Personal Finance Books to Boost Your Financial Knowledge

To be good at anything, you have to be willing to learn and read, which is exactly how it works with better understanding money and your personal finances

Best Personal Finance Books for Beginners

You should consider these absolute ones starting with very little knowledge about money, budgeting, debt, or investing.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book explores the myth that you need to be a high-income earner to be rich and explains how to have your money work for you.

2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Sethi covers everything from tackling debt, choosing the right banks, setting your accounts up for success, how to invest, negotiating salary, and much more.

3. The Wealthy Gardener

What is cool about this book is it doesn’t follow the traditional style of financial non-fiction. It tells the story of a wealthy garden who shares his wisdom and insights on life.

4. Napkin Finance

We are talking budgeting, investing, debt, student loans, and other complex areas of finance. She makes it more interesting and engaging, so finances do not have to be boring.

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