The Ultimate Chores List for the  Whole Family

Keeping up with chores helps you not have to do large amounts of cleaning at once.

Chore lists allow you to create a schedule for cleaning to ensure you get all of your cleaning done in a timely manner.

Why Chore Lists Are Important

Tips for Creating a Successful Chore List

Include All of the Family Members

Every family member takes part in the dirtying of a house, so it’s only fair that every member does their share of the cleaning. 

Ease into a cleaning schedule until it becomes routine and manageable.

Make It Realistic

Routine only works if it is just that, a routine! Habits are hard to build. They take time and practice.

Don’t Skip It  If Possible

Be sure to adjust the chore chart when necessary. If someone struggles with one chore but wants to try another, switching might be good.

Change It Up Regularly

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