The Ultimate Guide to Kindergarten Sight Words + FULL Words List!

What Are  Sight Words?

Sight words are high-frequency words that are used commonly enough that we want kids to be able to recognize them without having to sound them out.

Why Are Sight Words Important?

Sight words make up most children’s books and educational material, so kids must master their sight words as they learn to read.

10 Ways to Practice Sight Words With Your Kids

They’re convenient to carry around wherever you go and can be used by children with or without a parent’s help.

1. Flashcards

Use sticky notes to label different items around the house so that they start to relate the item to its spelling.

2. Label Things Around the House

Continually point out words on signs while you’re driving, in the store, etc. Do this as much as you can stand to do it.

3. Be Mindful of Signs and Labels When You’re Out of the House

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