The Underrated Amazon Hack You Need To Know

You can save even more money when shopping on Amazon by checking out their Outlet store. You’ll find an extensive list of clearance items and items with significant markdowns, some as much as 70%. These items are returned, damaged, lightly used, or refurbished products that Amazon deems sellable but not as new products

Shop Amazon’s Online Outlet Store

You can get to the Amazon Warehouse page simply by typing “Amazon Warehouse” into the search bar. That will direct you to a page where you can see all the categories available. Click on any of them to scroll through and see what the sales are.

Know How to Search for Amazon Warehouse Deals

Now that you’ve found the Amazon outlet store, as you’re browsing through listings to see what deals there are, be aware of what page Amazon directs you to as you click through and search.

Beware of the Redirect Trick

Although many warehouse products are returns that were never used, you won’t likely get a manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase. You’ll still have Amazon’s standard replacement or refund policy, but nothing beyond that.

Does Your Product Need a Warranty? You May Not Get One

There are new deals every day, including some of the latest electronics and home goods products. Shop some of the best flash savings to save the most money when shopping at Amazon on the daily deals page.

Check Out Today’s Deals

There are other ways to save money on Amazon besides the outlet store. Here are nine you should know about before you buy anything else online.

9 More Ways to Save Money on Amazon

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