Tips for Paying Off a Large Credit Card Bill

Credit card debt. It can go from zero to thousands with one quick swipe or build at a slow creep—a nice dinner here, a trip to the mall there, a gas fill-up to get you through until payday

Debt Payoff Strategies

Zero Interest Credit Card

A 0% interest promotional period on a new credit card can last as long as 18 billing cycles , which could be a long enough time to make a large dent in the card’s principal balance.

Debt-Focused Budget

Tackling a large credit card bill isn’t likely to be easy, so an important part of the process could be a hard look at what putting extra money toward credit card bills means for the rest of your budget.

The Snowball, The Avalanche

The snowball and avalanche debt repayment strategies take slightly different approaches to pay down debt, and both involve maintaining the minimum payment on all but one card.

Personal Loan

Research other options such as consolidation loan at a considerably lower interest rate than her credit cards

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