Top 21  Zip Codes 

for Real Estate Investing

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Real estate investments should grow in value over time and offer  positive cashflow. If your property does not provide cash flow, you will  have to inject money into the property continually.

5 Factors to Determine Hot Cities

If you purchased the property with a modest cash flow at the beginning,  you have the potential to double your cash flow quickly.

Rental Growth

Even though you only have a percentage of the equity in your cash, you  take 100% of the benefit of the property’s growth through leverage to  purchase another property.


Cashflow provides a margin of safety as an investor. It allows you to  save money towards capital expenses, future renovations, and unexpected  emergencies.


Over time, real estate builds wealth for its owner through the principal paydown of the mortgage.

Long Term Leverage

When evaluating properties for sale in these zip codes, look at average  days listed, listing interest, sold price vs. for sale price for a sense  of market dynamics

Market Heat

  This list was created by looking at the previous rental and appreciated growth over the past five years.