Ways To Save Money When Thrift Store Shopping

Want to save money when thrift store shopping? Thrift store shopping can be the perfect way to find some really great things for very little money.

All those materials have to come out somewhere – on land or sea sometimes faraway places where people live in poverty so your clothes don’t always end up right when they’re supposed to.

Buying Used Is Good For Your Wallet

One of the most obvious perks of buying gently-used is that it saves you money. Buying gently-used clothing is a great way to branch out and try on styles that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Buying Used Is Good For Others

Shopping at places like Good Will and The Salvation Army is not only good for you, it’s good for others. Spending your money at a local thrift store will also tend to help your hometown neighbours.

Make a list.

Keep a running list of the things you are looking for. Know your favorite brands and the clothing lines that fit you well. Take notes on your phone if you are looking for a new side table to refinish for the living room or more metal mixing bowls.

Go often to save money when thrift store shopping.

Don’t let anything slip by if it’s something you want because another shopper might come around and see how great that item is and you’ll miss it!

Keep an open mind!

This is especially important for those who are new to thrifting! It’s easy to go in wanting one specific item, but more often than not you’ll be surprised by all the great things that you see.

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