What Is Cryptocurrency? 

8 Common Questions

It can be hard to find unbiased education among the banter of promoters and investors who stand to benefit if you choose to invest in the projects they’re backing.

Common Questions Answered

What Is Crypto-currency?

Cryptocurrency is any digital store of value that one can exchange for goods and services.

Purpose of Crypto-currency?

Cryptocurrency was initially conceived as a way of making international trade easier. And with less government intervention were seen as attractive among early Bitcoin proponents.

Blockchain Technology?

All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a blockchain public ledger. Transaction information gets stored in “blocks” that can be “chained” together to create a system with infinite memory, where the name originates.

Crypto-currency Wallets

You cannot make any crypto transactions without inputting your private key, making it the most important way to keep your account secure.

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