What is Frugality + How It Can Help You Achieve Your Big Goals

Frugality is an attitude and a mindset of saving more and spending less, and achieving value when you pay and plan for the future.

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Review your expenses

Start by reviewing where all your money has gone for the last few months and making categories to make it easier to set up your budget.

Predicting the Future 

 I have learned that a successful budget is not a guess at what to do with the money you might have later. 

Don't Give Up  

Sometimes expenses for a particular category exceed what you planned, and there’s no getting around it. This hurdle can make you feel like giving up, but don’t do it!  

Saving More and Spending Less

This mindset is great because it allows you to save money for the things you want to do and increase your financial freedom and security.

Find a discount

If you need to spend money, there is almost always a way to get a purchase discount.

A frugality mindset can permeate your entire life and help you spend less, save more, achieve value, and ultimately help you get the future you want.