What to do with your old jewelry?

Are you looking for things to do with your old jewelry? Don’t just let it sit in your drawer! Here are four things you can do with your old jewelry.

Either means it is quite literally old, making it technically a piece of antique jewelry. Or it is a piece that you have now deemed ‘old,’ meaning that you are a bit bored of it. Whatever the case may be, you are looking for other options with what to do with your old jewelry. So today, I will help you out by exploring some different options.

So You've Got Old Jewelry

Firstly, many charities accept jewelry and watches. Do check online if you want to donate to a specific charity to double-check if they will accept your piece of jewelry. Not only are there specific charity shops that you can physically go to donate, but there are also online organizations that can help you donate your jewelry.

Donate them

If you have a piece of exceptional jewelry that you no longer personally want to wear, how about putting it to one side to gift to a family member? This way, you can keep the particular item in the family and give it to someone you love like a gorgeous gift, which guarantees they will love it.

Heirloom Jewelry

A few different ideas involve creating some gorgeous multi-media artwork, incorporating some of your jewelry into new accessories, adding a nice bit of sparkle onto a belt or a handbag. There are so many ideas out there! Of course, you could always create a mood board with different ideas before you take the DIY plunge!


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