When To Start Potty Training + Signs Your  Child Is Ready

When starting the potty training journey, patience is critical.

Usually, by 15 months old, children tend to have a regular poop and pee schedule. The child’s elimination timing should be predictable.

Behavioral Signs Your Child Is Ready For Potty Training

He might say, “I peed” or “I pooped” after soiling his diaper. This communication is an excellent sign that it may be time to start potty training.

Verbal Cues

For our children, we sometimes offer rewards. Our oldest liked stickers. Our twins preferred chocolate chips and jelly beans.

They Respond Well To Positive Reinforcement

Despite programs promising potty training in three days, it can take longer than expected. Generally, it takes about 3-5 months.

How Long Does Potty Training Take?

This approach to potty training requires parents to be very in tune with their infants and the cues they exhibit before they pee or poop.

Infant Potty Training: 0-12 Months

Start by letting your toddler watch you during this age. Explain to them what you are doing when you’re on the toilet.

Older Infants And Young Toddlers  (12-18 Months)

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