Benefits of Working Retirement Jobs

Plenty of people retire from a career to later work all sorts of odd jobs, and there are plenty of reasons to do so beyond the money one can earn.

A normal retirement can easily last a couple of decades, and an early retirement could lead to half-a-lifetime remaining once some leaves their primary vocation.

Money doesn't  have to be your motivation; Learning and doing something you have interest in can be more valuabe.

You can establish your retirement funding to cover things regardless of you working. Anything you earn would be added to your overall net worth, not increasing your budget or spending. It can free you to purposely target opportunities based solely on interest.

The ability to leave it at the end of the day and not take it home

What yo can enjoy most about scaled-down retirement jobs is being able to leave it all there at work. It can no longer be your job to take care of the world. That was left for the career driven go-getters who still needed to.

The pleasure of having absolutely no pressure to over perform

No more sacrificing your personal life or covering for incompetence, outdated and overworked software/hardware/machinery, or doing more than I really wanted to do.

Being able to refuse accepting the thieves of personal life: On-call and overtime

Turning down every offer of taking an on-call duty, working a nonscheduled weekend or holiday, and any overtime is a whole different feeling of freedom.

Free from legacy obligations

Losing and no longer bogged down with legacy work history can be a refreshing aspect to scaled-down retirement jobs.

It wasn’t about money, but you can still love padding your net worth while enjoying a retirement job

Imagine retiring early with a modest mortgage that you refinance to get the lowest budget-friendly payment possible. 

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