Generational Wealth

6 SURE-FIRE Ways to Start Building Generational Wealth Now

My husband and I started building generational wealth after discussing the enormous amount of student loan debt in our country, ...
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contribution margin formula

Contribution Margin Formula: How to Determine Your Most Profitable Product

Sound investing and successful businesses depend on data to make decisions. Having sales determines if there is a demand for ...
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What Is an LLC? And How Is It Different Than a Corporation?

I know a thing or two about the complexities of launching a new business. As the owner of several businesses ...
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statement balance vs current balance

Statement Balance vs Current Balance

Credit cards give people the convenience to spend money for their wants and needs. Unfortunately, when they see their billing ...
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fiscally responsible feature

9 SUCCESSFUL Ways To Be Fiscally Responsible

Affiliate Links I always get surprised when I hear about the amount of consumer and student loan debt a person ...
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Zero Based Budget

What is a Zero-Based Budget + How I Found $10k

Affiliate Links Call me “The Penny Hunter.” Well, that’s the name my husband teases and calls me. And, he’s right ...
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Liquid Net Worth

Liquid Net Worth Is Absolutely Not Net Worth, Right?

Affiliate Links You don’t have to make a seven-figure salary to be considered a millionaire. Your net worth just needs ...
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Rich vs Wealthy

Rich vs Wealthy: What’s the Difference?

Rich vs Wealthy. Is there a difference? A friend shared with me an anecdote a long time ago. He said, ...
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