BRRRR Method

BRRRR Calculator + Examples To Learn How To Do The BRRRR Method

The BRRRR method is a strategy used by “Buy & Hold” investors. The overall idea with the BRRRR method is ...
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home inspection checklist

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take? + FREE Home Inspection Checklist

You triumphed over a bidding war for your dream home with the seller accepting your offer. Although the house looks ...
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squatters rights

Squatters Rights: How To Deal With Trespassers on Your Property

It’s a scary feeling when you visit your property and find an unwelcome person living inside. No one likes squatters ...
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House Hacking

House Hacking: How To Live Rent Free

If you’re interested in getting into real estate investing and want to live rent-free, then house hacking might be for ...
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condo vs townhouse

Condo vs Townhouse: How to Easily Know the Difference

I grew up believing that the only difference between a condo and a townhouse was their architecture and location. I ...
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Four No Money Ways To Invest In Real Estate

4 “No Money” Ways to Invest In Real Estate

Interested in investing in real estate but you’re afraid you have no money? There are creative ways to acquire investment ...
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What is an Absentee Owner

What Is An Absentee Owner + How to FIND THEM

Jump ahead to What is an Absentee Owner?How Does Someone Become An Absentee Owner?How do Absentee Owners Benefit Real Estate ...
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what is mortgage insurance

What is Mortgage Insurance + How to Avoid It

Congratulations! You got your offer accepted on your first house, and you will close on your property in a few ...
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