Spectra S1 vs S2 Comparison: Which Breast Pump is PERFECT for You?

spectra s1 vs s2

When it comes to their baby’s needs, mothers want to provide the best care possible. So, it’s no surprise mothers want to do their due diligence to determine the best breast pump for them. This article will evaluate breast pumps from Spectra Baby USA. In this full review, we’ll be doing a “Spectra S1 vs S2 Comparison” to see which is the better choice.

Spectra S1 vs S2: What Do They Have in Common?

The Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2 breast pumps perform the same functions and, as such, are similar in most ways except for three or four differences which we will touch on next.

Closed Pump

Both the Spectras have a closed pump system. The closed pump is connected for back-flow protection to hinder the milk from entering into the pump’s motor from the tubing. 

As a result, there is less possibility for contamination. In other words, it is unlikely that bacteria will grow in the pump because there is no contact from the milk to the machine.

Pump Settings

Another critical feature that both the S1 and S2 have is the pump settings. Being able to control the settings means that you can control and adjust the milk’s speed flow. 

Managing the speed is essential because the milk sometimes flows faster than other times, depending on the stage and the session. Both types have twelve different levels of suction as options.

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The S1 and S2 both have motors that can go up to 250 mmHg. This section rate is pretty quick, which helps you get the job done quickly. 

The S1 and S2 are both quiet, so if you go off to pump, you will be able to do that with complete privacy as it will not make sounds to draw attention to what you’re doing or cause your baby to awaken from the noise.


When it comes to accessories, both pumps have bottles, valves, and breast flanges. If desired, you can buy additional accessories such as a breast pump bag to hold your pump parts at an additional cost.

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Double Pumps

A feature that moms love is that Spectras can turn into a double pumping machine, which pumps both breasts simultaneously. The double-pump is a tremendously time-saving factor.

Extra Breast Pump Features

Spectra Baby spent years developing features to give mothers an excellent breast pumping experience. 

Both versions of the Spectra breast pump feature an LED digital display. The digital controls allow things to be more convenient. They also have a night light for a nighttime pumping mommy.

Spectra S1 vs S2: What Are Their Differences?

The primary difference between the two breast pumps is the rechargeable battery found in the S1, which increases the price. The S2 does not come with a built-in rechargeable battery and is, therefore, less costly.

By having a rechargeable battery, you’re able to pump anywhere whenever you need to. The only requirement is that you charge the battery with an AC power adapter. At full charge, you can get three hours of pumping.

Another difference is the weight of the two pumps. They weigh about the same three pounds; however, the S2 is just slightly under three pounds.

A minor difference in the pumps is the color; the S1 is blue and white,  while the S2 is a soothing soft pink and white.

Spectra S1: Pros & Cons

Spectra Baby S1 Plus Double Electric Breast Pump in White/Blue


  • The S1 pump is quiet and has a rechargeable battery. 
  • It offers a closed system with a backflow protector, which protects the baby from bacterial infections.
  • This pump is portable and easy to use with its adjustable suction capability, which can be more powerful than the Elvie breast pump. 


  • With its accessories, the Spectra S1 may be a little more than many mothers want to pay.
  • This flange is for one size, but you can choose to order the flange size you want.

Spectra S2: Pros & Cons

Spectra Baby S2 Double Electric Breast Pump in White/Pink


  • The price is more affordable for the S2 breast pump.
  • You can pump both breasts simultaneously.
  • Compared to most similar-quality medical grade pumps, it’s much more lightweight and portable.


  • Some moms feel the absence of a built-in battery is a disadvantage when away from an electrical outlet.
  • The impression is that the pump’s intensity may go down when used as a double breast pump instead of a single.

What are Moms Saying About Spectra 1

One mother shared, “The S1 is hands down the best I’ve tried. I prefer a suction strength that allows me four to eight ounces per session. Owning my own business is quite stressful, especially today, where I’m juggling numerous responsibilities; I can keep up with my day with this pump.” 

Another mom also praised Spectra 1 by saying, “The Spectra S1 plus electric breast pump is great because it can pump the same amount as other breast pumps, but it does it in half the time. I can also charge the battery anywhere, so I don’t have to worry about where to plug it, which is a tremendous relief.”

What are Moms Saying About Spectra 2

One fellow mom finds the Spectra S2 plus electric breast pump life-changing, particularly the S2 plus hospital strength. 

She says, “The S2 pump has completely transformed my life. Not only is this pump significantly more powerful breast pump, but it is also more comfortable and straightforward to use. Now I can pump enough to always have enough breast milk in the refrigerator.

Another mother finds convenience in her Spectra S2-plus breast pump by saying, “I make time by pumping while driving. I bought a little adapter for the car that lets me plug in the Spectra S2 plus breast pump; I wear my pumping bra and cover myself up. Although it seems odd, it’s saved me a lot of time.

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Spectra vs Medela Pump: How Do the Pumps Compare?

The Spectra and the Medela pumps perform the same basic functions. The difference between these two is the adjustability of the suction and vacuum settings. In addition, you can only control the Medela pump by one dial, whereas the dials are separate on the Spectra, which offers more control over the sessions. 

New moms prefer the Spectra as their first choice for breast pumps because it’s more comfortable than the Medela. These minor differences give the Spectra an advantage.

Who Should Get the Spectra S1?

For active moms, the Spectra S1 is not only portable and quickly rechargeable but also quiet and inconspicuous for a gentle pumping experience. In addition, the Spectra S1 plus can be used as a single or double pump, saving a lot of time.

Who Should Get the Spectra S2?

If you’re a first-time mom with a low milk supply, then the Spectra S2 pump is ideal for you. Moms believe it is gentler on women with no experience with pumping. 

It’s lightweight at less than three pounds, and it’s portable and has different cycle setting options. Additionally, the Spectra S2 plus is a double electric breast pump.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I charge the S1 or S2 in the car?

Yes, the spectra S1 and S2 can be charged in the vehicle using a 12V car lighter adapter. Note, they require an adapter made after February 2015 for them to charge.

2. How long does the S1 or S2 take to charge?

The Spectra S1 and S2 only need 2 to 3 hours plugged in to recharge with three hours of usage.

3. What bottles work with the S1?

If using bottle pump adapters, the Spectra S1 breast pump is suitable with most baby bottles, and in some instances, it doesn’t require an adapter. Furthermore, Spectra USA manufactures Spectra wide neck bottles that work with its pumps.

4. Are Spectra pumps a hospital-grade breast pump?

Yes, Spectra is a hospital grade breast pump because they are capable of having multiple users. Although they are not bulky like hospital pumps used to be, the Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 hospital grade breast pumps are just as hygienically safe to use as those found in hospitals.

5. Are the included bottles with the Spectra BPA free?

The Spectra bottles are all completely BPA-free, so there should be no plastic concerns. You and your child are both safe from any potentially harmful chemicals.

6. Which bottles are compatible with the Spectra pump?

Bottles compatible with Spectra are Avent bottles, MAM bottles, Medela bottles with an adapter, Kiinde with an adapter, and Dr. Brown’s bottles also with an adapter.

7. What is the difference between massage mode and expression mode?

Both expression and massage mode simulates sucking to provide a natural flow of milk. However, the difference in this natural nursing technology for each mode is the adjustable suction levels by cycle speeds.

The cycle speeds are measured in cycles per minute (CPM), referring to how many times the pump will “suck” and release per minute. So, for example, in massage mode, the cycle speed is 70 CPM, while in expression mode, the cycle speed is 38-54 CPM.

Be sure to start with let-down mode for at least two minutes before switching to the other modes.

Spectra 9 Plus Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump in White

Final Thoughts

In the Spectra S1 vs S2 breast pump review, the Spectra S1 appears to be the winner. You will have the same high-quality functionality, exceptional value, and streamlined portability you get from most breast pumps for about one-tenth of the weight. 

Furthermore, having the ability to recharge the pump and use it anywhere allows a new mom the ability and freedom she needs to succeed. 

Some insurance companies offer to cover some or all of the expenses. So, please call your insurance company when you plan to make a purchase.

Although it lacks a built-in battery pack, the Spectra S2 is still a contender and favorite among other moms. So, it’s still a breast pump worthwhile investing in.

Which breast pump best fits your needs: S1 or S2?

Spectra S2 Plus Breast Pump











  • Pump simultaneously
  • Lightweight and portable
  • More affordable


  • No built-in battery
  • Intensity may go down as a double breast pump
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