15 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas That Boost Your Curb Appeal

stamped concrete patio

Many outdoor space designs can upgrade your outdoor living space. One, in particular, is a stamped concrete patio design. In addition, there are numerous small patio ideas to choose from to update your home’s landscape.

So, how does one pick? Here are the best stamped concrete patio designs to boost your curb appeal!

What is a Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice for those who want a unique-looking patio. Installers use stamp patterns and imprints designs on poured concrete using rollers. Some designs may have some texture or color, making them look more unique than plain concrete patios.

Stamped Concrete vs. Regular Concrete

Many homeowners opt for stamped concrete as it’s more aesthetically appealing than regular concrete. In addition, unlike traditional concrete, stamped concrete can have a texture or a design. 

Pros & Cons

While stamped concrete can give a patio an exciting look, some advantages and disadvantages of using this type of flooring. Because of this, the homeowner needs to consider all of the pros and cons of them carefully. 

Advantages of a Stamped Concrete Patio


Stamped concrete offers durability. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. This durability is why homeowners use it for back patios, courtyards, and pool decks. 


One of the biggest advantages of stamped concrete flooring is that it’s slip-resistant. Because of this, many homeowners have a stamped concrete installation in outdoor areas that get wet often, such as around their pool. 


A stamped concrete patio is a lot more affordable than many individuals realize. Prices tend to start at less than $8 a square foot.

Curb Appeal

Homeowners can quickly increase curb appeal by using stamped concrete for their patio or walkway. It’s an easy way to improve the outside appearance in an affordable way that doesn’t require many renovations, such as a stamped concrete driveway.

Disadvantages of a Stamped Concrete Patio

Requires a professional

Stamped concrete patios aren’t something that most homeowners should try to tackle on their own. Even for those that want to lay stamped concrete over their existing patio, it can be a lot more complicated than they anticipated. It’s better to hire a professional to tackle this project to ensure that installing is done correctly.

Develop cracks

Like regular concrete, stamped concrete can develop cracks, common when installed incorrectly. However, minor damages may be difficult to detect since they often blend in with the stamped concrete’s overall pattern. It isn’t until these cracks increase in size that many homeowners notice them. 


Stamped concrete can require a lot of maintenance. To continue to look good, it will need to be pressure washed several times a year. Stains are also tricky to remove, so you must clean up spills immediately. 

How Much are Stamped Concrete Patios?

The cost of stamped concrete patios will significantly depend on their size. For instance, with 160 square foot patio, a simple stamped concrete cost is around $2,000. However, for the same size patio that has a more complex design, the stamped concrete prices can cost at least $4,000 to have installed. 

Be sure to reach out to a reputable concrete contractor for more accurate estimates in your local area.

Is it a DIY project?

If you are interested in adding a stamped concrete patio to your yard, you should hire a professional to handle this home improvement project. This task is a complex project, and it can be challenging, such as creating the mixture and pouring new concrete, to complete the right way if you have no prior experience doing so. 

Can it be added to an Existing Patio?

Those with an existing concrete slab can put a new stamped concrete over it. Adding a stamped concrete patio to an existing patio is an excellent option for those who don’t want to tear up their patio but want to enhance its appearance. 

15 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Stamped Overlay

If a homeowner wants to change the look of their existing concrete patio, they may choose to add a stamped overlay. In addition, there are various designs or patterns they can decide to change the look and texture of the patio, such as natural stone brick. 

Flower Pattern

There are a lot of different flower patterns available for stamped concrete. Like with a leaf print, the homeowner can choose one large flower or smaller flower covering the entire surface. Hibiscus and daisies are both commonly used flower patterns. 

Wood Plank

Installers can make this stamped concrete design look like wood planks. This bold pattern is very pronounced, and the design often includes wood grain to make it look more realistic. 

Circular Pattern

The circular pattern is a perfect choice for creating a focal point for their patio. There are numerous circular patterns available, including those with serpentine or sunburst borders. 

European Fan

This design is often chosen by those that want aesthetics with a classic look. The result will look like slate stones arranged in the pattern of a fan. 

Leaf Print

Installers can add various leaf print patterns to stamp concrete patios. These patterns can include a large leaf that covers just a portion of the concrete or a pattern that consists entirely of smaller leaves that cover the entire surface of the concrete. 

Boulders and Stones

Stamped concrete can be designed to have a pattern that utilizes the shapes of boulders and stones. First, installers will place down large stone molds at least several inches apart, and then installers will use a smaller stone mold to fill in the space between them. 

Puzzle Piece

Many individuals find a stamped concrete patio with a puzzle piece design appealing because they want to have a patio that has a unique look. This type of patio is constructed using molds of different sizes and shapes and creating a pattern that looks like each piece carefully fits together to form its puzzle.

Colors and Textures

One of the nice things about stamped concrete patios is that you can use various color options and textures in their design. For example, some homeowners choose to have one color or texture in the middle surrounded by a completely different border. Others may focus on a design that features only one color or texture.

All Square

A patio doesn’t need to be square to utilize an all square stamped concrete pattern. This pattern combines squares of different sizes throughout the entire surface of the patio. 

Ashlar Slate

This type of stone has a slate surface. It also has a shiny finish, and it is available in various colors. Many individuals choose this type of stamped concrete to have a colorful patio.


Companies often design stamped concrete patios to look like they are made out of brick. Installers achieve a stamped concrete patio with a brick by using molds to imprint this effect onto the concrete. 

Random Stone

A patio can have a random stone design. However, installing random stone will require numerous random stone molds to achieve the patio’s desired look. 

Cobblestone Twist

Cobblestone styles utilize a brick pattern in various sizes to complete this pattern. A patio with a cobblestone twist looks similar to a cobblestone street. It seems so similar that it can be difficult to tell that it’s stamped concrete. 

Mix of Sizes

Some individuals choose design ideas that mix different-sized squares and rectangles to create a unique pattern. This option is suitable for those that want a patio that’s different from everybody else’s. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to maintain outdoor space, there are various stamped concrete patio ideas to choose from. You can even take it to the next level by adding a fire pit with unique paving materials. 

However, it can be a labor intensive cement project. Thus, it may be more worthwhile to hire a professional regardless of the labor costs. 

Did you find inspiration that you feel will improve the aesthetic value of your backyard patio?

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