10+ Kids Bike With Training Wheels: Best Deals on Wheels

Bike With Training Wheels

I was excited for my son to start riding a bike. However, I had to choose between a bike with training wheels or a balance bike to help him learn.

Honestly, I chose the latter. However, I heard a “balance bike” makes a huge difference in helping a kid ride faster. So, I gave it a try.

Unfortunately, we weren’t consistent in practicing with his “balance bike” due to various factors. For instance, some weekends didn’t always have good weather, especially in the Midwest and snowfall in the winter.

Over time, sadly, the balance bike didn’t get much use. And, my son outgrew the bike, and we passed it down to his little sister.

I still wanted my son to learn how to bike and wanted him to feel a sense of accomplishment. So, I bought him a kids’ bike with training wheels for his birthday.

Although he still needs to learn how to balance, there are a few skills he is still trying to master in the meantime, such as pedaling uphill and knowing when to slow down when making a turn.

So, if you’re like me and want your kids to start riding even though they haven’t learned how to balance yet, here are 10+ kids bikes with training wheels to get your little one rolling.

What are Training Wheels?

Training wheels are additional wheels added to the back wheel of a two-wheeled bike. These additions are often used on bikes for younger kids. Training wheels prevent a bike from tipping over and allow a person to pedal a bike without knowing how to balance yet. 

Balance Bikes vs. Bike With Training Wheels

A balance bike focuses on kids learning to balance before learning how to pedal. Thus, unlike a standard bicycle, a balance bike doesn’t have pedals.

To get moving, kids propel themselves by pushing off the ground with their feet and resting their feet in the middle of the bicycle while gliding. If a child feels they are falling or wants to slow down, they can put their foot down to catch themselves or reduce their speed.

If a balance bike is something you want to try, a few well-known brands in this space are also below.

10+ Best Bikes With Training Wheels

There are various kid’s bikes with training wheels from ages two to four years old. This list of favorite bikes gives you multiple options to help you find the right bike. Keep an eye out for the different features each bike offers, such as larger wheel size or if a 24-inc bike is available. 

So, strap on your bike helmet, jump on your road bike, and let’s find your child’s first bike with training wheels!

Raleigh MXR

Featuring a durable steel frame capable of handling all the bumps and lumps of pavement riding, the MXR serves great touches like coaster brakes, a chain guard, and removable training wheels. 

The soft grips made of Krafton rubber provide blister protection. At 17.72 pounds, the bike is sturdy enough without creating unmanageable heft, proving it to be a high-quality bike. This bike is a fun BMX-style bike that will get any kid excited about riding! 


  •  Stylish.
  •  Chainguard protects pant legs and skin.
  •  Sturdy steel frame handles bumps beautiful.
  •  Coaster breaks are great for learners. 


  •  The removable training wheels may need to be tightened.
  • Peddling takes some effort.

Schwinn Koenn

Schwinn Koen provides training wheels on various models. Not only on do they have training wheels on their 14 inch bikes (14 inch wheels), but Schwinn has it on the 12 inch bike (12 inch wheels), 16 inch bike, and 18 inch bike. 

These kid-perfect bikes feature a lighter frame, narrow pedal posture, and smaller seats. In addition, touches like reverse-pedal coaster brakes and front caliper hand brakes make it easy for tots to learn how to become roadworthy. 


  • The design makes it easy to transition to big-kid bikes with caliper brakes.
  •  Coaster brakes are easy to use.
  • Adjustable saddle and seat post.
  • The bike grows easily with a child.
  • Great variety of tire size for kids ages 2 to 7.
  • Very ergonomic design.


  • Tire quality could be better.
  •  Seat material scratches easily.

Cannondale Trail 12

A top pick for handling and comfort, the Cannondale Trail 12 features 12-inch wheels attached to a light, durable alloy frame. A chainguard offers leg protection. Cannondale has done a great job scaling the handlebar, grips, saddle, and cranks on this model to create a comfortable ride for the smallest riders! This lightweight model weighs just over 15 lbs and has a substantial feel.


  • Very sturdy.
  •  Training wheels pop on and off easily without the need for tools during training sessions.
  •  The proportions create a comfortable cycling experience. 


  • The plastic chain guard is susceptible to splintering. 

Trek Precaliber 12

Precaliber offers training bikes with 12-inch (ages 3 to 4) and 16-inch wheels (ages 4 to 6). The Precaliber features a lightweight, durable and rustproof aluminum frame. Coaster brakes make training easy. The ergonomics on the Precaliber are also beautiful. Kids can get in hours and hours of practice with a padded, integrated seat post and easy-grip handle.


  • The frame has a low profile, making it easy for kids to stand up and hop off.
  • Tool-free training wheels make it easy to train at the park.
  • The seat has an integrated handle for parental guidance.


  • The bike can feel bulky. 

RoyalBaby Kids Bike

RoyalBaby offers bikes with training wheels with 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch wheels in three different styles. That means that parents can take their pick from a BMX freestyle bike, steel-frame bike, magnesium-alloy bike, and much more. 

RoyalBaby provides a smooth ride with durable, hardy construction. The company also offers one of the most extensive collections of bike styles for kids to choose from. The list includes the Swan Bike, BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Galaxy Kids Bike, Moon5 Kids Bike, Chipmunk Explorer Kids Bike, Jenny Princess Bike, Stargirl Kids Bike, Space No. 1 Kids Bike, Space Shuttle Kids Bike, Baby Bunny Kids Bike, Baby Honey Kids Bike, and Baby Buttons Kids Bike.

There’s something for every type of rider here. The RoyalBaby patented brake lever offers the shortest grip length possible for the smallest hands. While the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle provides a very basic design, an option like the RoyalBaby Space No. 1 Steel Frame Kids bike offers the elegance of a front caliper brake combined with a rear coaster brake. 

The minimum seat height is adjustable. Along with the handlebar, these excellent features make the bike suitable for children of different heights. The RoyalBaby Space Shuttle bike also provides a two-brake system with an exclusive brake lever designed to be easy and gentle for smaller hands. 


  • Many styles to choose from.
  • Designed for comfort.
  • Sturdy design helps to insulate against bumps on the road. 
  • Sporty bikes with fun themes prevent rolling resistance and bent training wheels.


  • The pedals can feel a little heavy on some models.

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX Dirt Bike

The Dynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX Dirt Bike is a sturdy BMX frame that features a high-gloss finish with many practical features like a handlebar pad, coaster brake, adjustable seat post, and adjustable training wheels. In addition, the bright, glossy finish creates nice visibility. Overall, the construction is very durable and ergonomic. 


  • Sporty and fun.
  • A very basic, no-nonsense design.
  • Sturdy construction. 
  • Smooth breaks. 


  • At 24 pounds, it’s a heavy bike.

Guardian Ethos 14

Guardian Ethos is a lightweight steel BMX-style bike that offers little riders a lower center of gravity. It works on a variety of terrains. Parents are sure to like Guardian’s patented SureStop Braking System that delivers smoothness and reliability with stopping. 

In addition, Guardian bikes have been engineered with a wide wheelbase to ensure better control and balance with a child’s proportions in mind. The lighter design also makes it easier for kids to control the bike. 


  • Excellent on both roads and trails.
  • A specially designed wheelbase makes for better balance and control. 
  • Designed with a kid’s proportions in mind.
  • Smooth, reliable brakes.


  • It’s a little pricey for a bike that doesn’t necessarily grow with a child.

Joey 2.5

Joey 2.5 is an ergonomic, fun bike for both parents and kids. It features a detachable push handle that allows parents to help steer as their kids get used to peddling. 

The bike goes above and beyond with braking using short-reach alloy brake levers, a front caliper brake, and a rear V-brake. It’s also engineered to have a low center of gravity to accommodate little riders—features like a chain guard, bell, and quick-release seat post complete the bike.


  • Great braking system.
  • Ergonomic.
  • The removable push handle is a nice touch for training.


  • While this braking system is great, you’re not getting coaster brakes.
  • The seat adjustment isn’t great.

Decathlon Btwin

Decathlon Btwin is a simple, budget-friendly bike that gets the job done even if you don’t want to invest in a fancy bike with bells and whistles. It features a chain guard, reflectors, and bells. In addition, the easy-stop V-brake on the front and rear coaster brakes will create easy control for little riders. 


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Simple design with no real learning curve.


  •  Stabilizers are sold separately. 

REI Co-op Cycles REV 12

This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame with a low stand-over height, perfect for kids. The bike’s BMX-style handlebar provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip. It uses a rear coaster brake. 


  •  Lightweight and easy to handle.
  •  Ergonomic. 
  •  Features a handle in the back of the saddle for parental guidance.


  • Handlebars don’t adjust.

Royalbaby Freestyle 14

Royalbaby Freestyle 14 is a budget-friendly bike offering a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake for ultra-controlled, ultra-safe riding. In addition, it features that RoyalBaby patented brake lever offering the shortest grip for small hands. The bike also has low rolling resistance. 


  • The adjustable seat is very ergonomic.
  • The seat features a handle parents can use to guide while training.


  • The tires could be of better quality.

ByK E-250

The detachable push handle on this bike makes it a great choice as a first bike. It also has a lightweight, ultra-low frame that’s easy for kids to manage. This design also has impressive rolling dynamics that reduce the struggle of peddling for beginners. 


  • At 14 pounds, this kids bike with training wheels is one of the lightest.
  • Bell and safety reflectors included.
  • Custom-wide handlebars.
  • The adjustable seat is very comfortable.
  • The push bar is great for training. 


  • It can feel a little flimsy in spots.

Specialized Riprock

Riprock offers a 12-inch and 16-inch kids bike with training wheels in its Specialized lineup. The Riprock Coaster 12 and Riprock Coaster 16 offer reliable steel coaster brakes with easy stopping. In addition, the sturdy, lightweight frames on these BMX-style bikes deliver traction, comfort, and stability when riding on multiple terrain types. 


  • Great for roads and trails.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable.
  • Solid construction. 


  •  While you’ll appreciate that this bike gets back to the basics, there are no bells or whistles.

Final Thoughts

Bike riding is a pass time that every kid should enjoy, regardless of the scrape knees they may get along the way. There is a wide variety of best kids bikes with training wheels that will give you numerous options. 

However, these particular bikes may not be readily available in your local bike shops. Thus, you may have to order online and wait a couple of days for your delivery. Some companies offer free shipping for any orders $35+.

Whether you favor traditional two wheels, balance bikes, or bikes with training wheels, it’s all a learning process. Finding the perfect first pedal bike may take time, which is only proof you want to make this new chapter memorable for them.

Have fun!

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