4 Easy Ways To Secure Your Rehab After Hours

Secure Your Real Estate Rehab After Hours

My first real estate investment was in a family-friendly neighborhood. However, I got hit real hard with a big life lesson. Not once did I ever feel insecure about the neighborhood nor working late at night at the property.

Imagine frequently visiting your property to check on the status of your contractors. Imagine working on minor items at your property very late in the evening.

One day, an appraiser was scheduled to meet me at the property. I noticed the front door was slightly open. Initially, I wondered if I forgot to lock up because I was at the property the day before watering the grass.

After building some courage, I finally walked into the property. Someone broke into the back window and stole the copper from the downstairs plumbing including the bathroom, water heater, and furnace.

When the appraiser arrived, I informed her of what had happened and told her I would have to reschedule.

The police estimated about $30 worth of copper was stolen. However, the criminals caused about $8,000 worth of damages!

Real Estate Investing Is Mental

That event traumatized me. I carried months of insecurity into our next real estate investment. In that neighborhood, a burglary was committed before.

I felt violated due to the amount of time and labor I’ve spent there working especially in the late evenings. However, real estate investing is mental. Was I down or was I out? I was just down but not out. I GOT BACK UP!

Here are a few easy and inexpensive recommendations that I’ve learned and implemented during my rehab projects:

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1. Lawn care & Trash

Whether you will have your future tenants take care of the lawn or if you will hire a lawn service, you should NOT allow the grass to grow so high. People will know the property is vacant if you have tall grass. It draws unwanted attention.

The same thing goes for litter and trash. If you allow trash to collect outside your rehab project, it also attracts the same unwanted attention.

2. Neighbors

Build a good rapport with the neighbors. I usually just wave to the neighbors. They have seen me frequently visiting the property. However, I didn’t make the effort to formally introduce myself. I wish I had.

It wasn’t until after the burglary when I really spoke to the neighbors. Afterwards, the neighbors kept an eye on my property and would even call me when they saw a contractor or a new tenant.

3. Lights & TV simulators

Leaving the front and back lights on gives the impression someone is home. I take it one step forward by placing Fake TV Simulators in the property.

I know it’s no Home Alone, but it’s an inexpensive way to make it seem like someone was home watching TV.

4. Security Cameras

Do you want to be notified if there is any motion outside your property without paying for a internet service? A 3G/ 4G LTE Security Camera System can accomplish this for you.

This camera uses mobile data instead of relying on a WiFi connection. All it requires is a prepaid sim card (preferably T-Mobile). Reolink’s cloud storage can store the recordings. Also, your phone can receive notifications.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful. Writing this blog has been a bit therapeutic talking about what I went through.

Real estate has so many benefits. However, be sure to take care of your investments even when it’s vacant!

This post contains an affiliate link which may provide us a commission if you were to make a purchase through our links. However, there is no additional cost to you. For more info, refer to our Disclosures.

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