Aldi Diapers Review: Are the Little Journey Diapers RIGHT for Your Baby’s Needs?

Aldi diapers review

Are you wondering if Aldi diapers can provide your baby the comfort they need? These diapers are known to be affordable among baby products. But does that mean you’ll be sacrificing quality? In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Aldi’s Little Journey diapers and determine if it’s the right diapers for your baby and your wallet.

Are the Diapers Right for Your Baby’s Needs?

To determine whether these diapers are suitable for your baby, we’ll review how Aldi diapers handle specific scenarios, such as leaks and rashes. Also, we’ll go over other helpful features the diapers may offer, such as material quality and available sizes.


The diapers come with 12-hour leak protection through the absorbent layer, freeing you from worrying if your baby’s diaper will be leaking and bedwetting the mattress. This protection helps them sleep better at night and naps during road trips with its absorbent material. Also, it avoids the trouble of having to clean up mattress covers, car seats, Moses basket, and more with baby wipes. 

Although the diapers offer leak protection, parents should still change their babies regularly. Fortunately, Aldi’s diapers also come with a wetness indicator. Parents can use Aldi diapers with confidence, knowing when it’s time to change their baby.


Little Journey Diapers have a hypoallergenic liner that contains Aloe and Vitamin E. These substances will keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe from developing any irritations or diaper rashes. 

The covers of the diapers are very smooth and cloth-like, with big pores to make the diaper breathable. Additionally, your baby’s skin will not sweat under the diapers, preventing skin breakouts.

Night Time Use

The 12-hour leak protection and the hypoallergenic lining are great features that help your baby have a comfortable night’s sleep. Your baby may wake up because they’re hungry or they are a witching hour baby. However, you can get some peace of mind that they’re not complaining about their diaper.

Stay Closed

Parents know that different brands don’t create their diapers equally.  And, if a diaper can’t stay closed, new moms and dads regret their purchase and will look to invest their money elsewhere. Fortunately, the Aldi diapers don’t have this problem with fastening. The diapers have dual leg cuffs that prevent any leaks and keep the diapers firm on the baby.

Quality of Materials

These Little Journey Diapers are made of quality materials that keep the diapers comfortable and leakage-free. The material in the diaper’s innermost part remains dry all the time, even after usage. 

The material makes the diaper comfortable to the baby because they will not feel any wetness. Furthermore, the fabric in the diaper’s outermost layer is breathable, which ensures there is a flow of air between the diaper and the baby’s skin.

Available Sizes

Like many name brand diapers, the Little Journey Baby Diapers also caters to babies of different weights and different size diapers. The sizes for these diapers are newborn size (up to 10 lbs.), size 1 (10 lbs. to 14 lbs.), size 2 (14 lbs. to 18 lbs.), and size 3 (18 lbs. to 28 lbs.). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do the Diapers Cost?

The Aldi Little Journey newborn diapers cost about 14 cents per diaper (at the time of research). Other diaper brands’ price per unit ranges between 60 to 80 cents. Therefore, the Aldi diaper is considerably inexpensive comparing to other diapers on the market.

Where Can I Buy Aldi Diapers?

Parents can purchase these diapers only at an Aldi store. Unlike many major store brand diapers, Aldi does not provide the feature to buy their diapers online. 

Therefore, parents wanting to add these diapers to their newborn essentials list should keep this in mind. Or, parents can request family or friends that have an Aldi store nearby can ship a pack of diapers to them.

Are the Aldi Diapers Hypoallergenic?

Yes. The diapers have a hypoallergenic lining that contains aloe and Vitamin E. These substances help babies with sensitive skin avoid developing diaper rashes and irritation.

Are diapers from Aldi eco-friendly?

No, they are not. The diapers are not biodegradable nor recyclable. Thus, they are not necessarily environmentally friendly.

How Many Diapers Does a Newborn Normally Use?

A newborn typically uses between eight and twelve diapers per day. The Aldi diaper’s wetness indicator helps parents know when they should change their little one.

How to Know When to Go Up in Size

Every baby is different, and although they may be the same age, babies vary in weight and size. Parents can go a size up when the diapers fail to close up easily and seem too tight for the baby.  

How Do the Diapers Compare to the Other Big Diaper Brand?

The Little Journey Diapers offer familiar features that can give parents confidence when making a purse. However, some differences distinguish it from the rest.


  • 12-hour leakage protection, which is helpful for the baby to stay dry at nighttime
  • Dual leg cuffs to act as leakage barriers.
  • Manufactured with soft material
  • It comes in various sizes, such as training pants 3T/4T


  • These Aldi diapers fare the only ones that have a hypoallergenic lining of Vitamin E.
  • Although similar to a big brand (i.e., Huggies, Pampers), not all diapers have a wetness indicator, which the Aldi diaper has.
  • Aldi diapers are relatively inexpensive compared to other newborn diaper brands.

Aldi Diapers: Pros and Cons


  • The diapers protect against diaper rashes that can irritate the skin with the help of the hypoallergenic lining.
  • Little Journey diapers are very affordable compared to other diapers.


  • These Aldi diapers are not eco-friendly.
  • Parents can only purchase the Little Journey Diapers at an Aldi store. These diapers are not available to buy online.

Final Thoughts: Are Aldi Diapers Effective?

These Aldi baby diapers are effective and very affordable. If you’re a new mom, we highly recommend parents give them a try and see how it works for their baby. The price, skin protection, size variety, ability to stay closed, and material quality are worthwhile reasons to make it a parent’s choice. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for soft diapers that will keep your baby comfortable and relaxed through the night, put a pause on Sam’s club pack diapers. The Aldi Little Journey diapers may be what your baby needs. 

If your baby has sensitive skin, the breathable material ensures that the baby’s skin won’t become irritated, avoiding diaper rash breakouts and making it one of the best overnight diapers. Furthermore, although relatively inexpensive, these diapers do not sacrifice quality. 

If you like the Little Journey line, give the Little Journey yogurt bites, Little Journey puffs, Little Journey baby wash, and Little Journey wipes a try. So, are the Little Journey diapers suitable for your baby’s needs?

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