The BEST Moses Basket For You and Your Baby in 2021

best moses basket

Are you a new mom looking for a bassinet alternative? Or, are you looking to give a unique baby shower gift to expecting parents? Then, a baby Moses basket may be just what you’re looking for!

When I became a first-time mom, I was super conscious and always wanted my baby boy nearby. Honestly, I was a little nervous even to take a shower while he was napping in his crib, fearing he would be crying alone. After having two kids, I’ve learned (and am still learning) that parents have to be creative in everything they do. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your little one nearby, a Moses basket may be perfect for you and your baby. Here are the best baby Moses baskets on the market.

What is a Moses Basket?

A Moses basket is one of the most comfortable and perfect sleep spaces for your newborn baby. These baskets also happen to be very lightweight, portable, and sturdy, which adds to their appeal. They are in most cases made out of maize or robust wicker material and are fitted with a mattress, sheets and may have decorative material lined inside.

Moses Baskets vs. Bassinets

Moses baskets are notably more portable than bassinets as they come with sturdy handles and incredibly lightweight. However, it’s essential to highlight that parents should not move their Moses basket while a baby is still inside.

Bassinets, on the other hand, are fitted with stands or wheels for portability. Baskets are ideal for those intending to move around with their babies, which is perfect for mothers wanting to keep an eye on their newborn while doing laundry or working in the kitchen. 

Factors Determining the Best Moses Baskets


Moses baskets come with varying features such as stands, bedding, lining, hoods, and linings. It’s ideal for a basket with features that meet your needs and preferences. Fancy baskets may vary slightly from a traditional Moses basket, such as having leather handles, palm leaves, or elephant grass. But, features can be useless if it doesn’t give you the functions you desire.


The material used to build the Moses basket should be a vital consideration for any parent. Manufacturers develop these baskets from various materials, determining your basket’s safety, strength, and durability. 

On the other hand, many manufacturers try to use safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials such as straw twine from the palm. These particular materials ensure that they don’t use any harmful chemicals or material. People can acquire these baskets from industry-certified manufacturers as they are guaranteed to use safe and natural materials.


Baby care can be pretty costly, making it necessary to consider pricing when acquiring baby products such as these baskets. It would be best to consider the features on a basket alongside its pricing to ensure you get the most suitable one for your needs and at the most affordable pricing.


Size is a factor with Moses baskets depending on the age and weight of your baby. Not all baskets have similar carrying capacities, as seen in this article. Getting the right size will make sure you get the most utility out of your basket. Some babies may feel more comfortable with a smaller basket since they were in small spaces for almost nine months, after all.


Comfort is the most important consideration with these baskets. The basket should give your baby a safe and cozy feel, allowing them to rest and sleep properly.

Best Moses Baskets

Best Value: Badger Basket Wicker-Look Woven

The Badger Basket Woven Baby Moses Basket is one of the most stylish and straightforward baskets that, arguably, has the best value. This value comes from its robust structure, modern design, and its cozy nature. 

This wicker-look woven baby Moses basket conveniently has a mattress, fitted sheets, and has a fabric lining. The Moses basket bedding material is pure polyester. The metal frame makes the basket extraordinarily sturdy and can handle 15 pounds. It measures about 33 inches long, which can give babies the ideal space they need.

Best Overall: Clair De Lune Over the Moon Palm Basket

The Clair de Lune Over the Moon Palm Basket is the best basket overall. The basket’s price does not shy away from its considerably high price tag. Its build and design make this hand woven palm leaf basket top-tier. 

This woven moses basket notably comes with a stand and a hood (retractable and removable) to cover your baby during daytime naps. The basket is extremely light but can carry up to 20 pounds and measures 30 by 11 inches.

Best Low Cost: Tadpoles Palm Leaf Hand Woven Basket

The Tadpoles Palm Leaf Hand Woven Doll Moses Basket happens to be one of the least priced baskets on the market today. However, this natural organic Moses basket does not sacrifice functionality at a low price. The Tadpoles Moses basket structure is built out of palm material woven to form a basket. The Tadpoles line stitched Moses basket is a worthy deal!

For an additional but still convenient cost, you can acquire the beddings for this baby basket. It measures 32 by 12 by 9 inches and can carry weights up to 15 pounds.

Best Portable: SUNVENO Baby Bed and Baby Lounger

SUNVENO Baby Bed & Baby Lounger

Designers of the SUNVENO Baby Bed and Baby Lounger Moses basket optimizes it for movement, making it one of the best in the portability category. Its material structure is a blend of hypoallergenic polyester and natural cotton. 

Furthermore, its multi-functionality also allows it to be a carrier, playpen, baby changing, or feeding spot. The 5-pound basket is easy to use and can carry up to 45 pounds. Its bottom is waterproof, and the lining is also machine washable.

Best Rocking: Tommee Tippee Sleepee Basket and Stand

One of the best rocking baskets is the Tommee Tippee Sleepee Basket and Stand. This feature is owing to the innovative stand that allows it to rock. Conveniently, parents can set it to sit still or lightly rock. It is well ventilated and fitted with sturdy handles for portability. Cleaning is also relatively easy, guaranteeing your baby a healthy resting space.

Best Cotton Rope: Specious Newborn Basket

The Specious Newborn Basket is made from natural cotton rope and is arguably one of the best cotton rope baskets. It is incredibly lightweight at just 2 pounds and measures 27 by 15 by 9 inches. The material used is exceptionally sturdy, durable and the basket may not require a fabric liner. However, it comes with no padding or beddings, which necessitates purchasing them if needed.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moses Baskets Safe?

Yes. Manufacturers design Moses baskets to keep your baby safe, cozy, and healthy if and when used appropriately. However, once your newborn can start rolling over or sitting up on their own, then parents can no longer use the basket. 

This general safety rule applies to an African Moses basket, bassinet, and cradles. Therefore, babies should be kept in a crib. Additionally, parents should lower the crib mattress’s height to reduce their baby’s chances of climbing out.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Moses Basket at Night?

Babies should not sleep in the moses basket at night. 

How Should a Baby Sleep in Moses-Basket?

Parents should place their baby in the feet-to-foot position for sleeping with the blanket and sheets only reaching below their shoulders.

Do You Need a Stand for a Moses Basket?

A stand is optional when looking for a rocking stand or if you intend to raise the basket to a level convenient for you.

How Long Can a Baby Use a Moses Basket?

These baskets are only suitable for newborns. Like with any cradle or bassinet, parents can no longer use the Moses basket once a baby can roll over or sit up independently. The next safest place for your baby is their crib. 

What Beddings Can Be Used for a Moses Basket?

It is ideal to use a waterproof covered mattress pad that is firm and flat. The goal is to keep the basket comfortable, clean, and dry. Having a machine washable bedding set and foam pad is a plus! Please read the included instructions to determine if you need to hang dry or put it in a drying machine.

Final Thoughts

Moses baskets are perfect for new parents wanting an alternative to bassinets. The most significant benefit is its portability. Granted, parents should not try to move the basket while the newborn lays inside. 

A Moses basket is a perfect gift for new parents wanting their baby close by. This opportunity allows parents and grandparents to keep an eye on the little one while doing other things around the house.

So, which of the top Moses baskets is the right one for you and your baby?

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