Fun & Sassy Grandma Names [Which One Are You?]

sassy grandma names

Congratulations! You’re going to be a grandma! It’s time to kick back and smother this bundle of joy with your love and kisses. But, before you begin thinking about how you’re going to spoil the little one, how about having some fun and figure out which of the sassy grandma names is the one for you.

Below is a huge collection of cute grandma names for you to pick from. This list of alternative grandma names includes sassy southern names, trendy, modern, traditional, international, unique grandma names. There is no one perfect grandma name. You just have to find the one that’s perfect for you.

What does “Sassy” mean?

Sassy means you’re lively, bold, spirited, and a little feisty. You’re not necessarily a rude or disrespectful old lady. Instead, you’re confident and fun-loving. In other words, there is nothing wrong with being sassy.

Whatever name you choose, whether your first name, Nai Nai, or Big Momma, it’s a unique name between you and your grandchild. It’s all part of maintaining family relationships.

Sassy Grandma Names

GamsMaw MawShimmy
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Southern Grandma Names

GagaMamooYia Yia

Modern Grandma Names

BabeCiCiMay May

Traditional Grandma Names


International Grandma Names

Afrikaans - Ouma
Arabic - Jadati
Bengali - Thakurma/Didima
Hawaiian - Kupunawahine
Hindi - Dadi, Nani
Italian - Nonna
Indonesian - Nenek
Japanese - Obaasan
Korean - Halmoni
Mandarin - Nai Nai
Polish - Babcia
Portuguese - Avo
Russian - Babushka
Spanish - Abuela
Swahili - Bibi
Tagalog - Lola
Vietnamese - Ba
Yiddish - Bubbe

How Some Grandmothers Got Their Alternative Nicknames

Grandmas were once new moms. The days of breast pumping and trying to soothe a witching hour baby are now behind them. Instead, they are focusing on building fond memories with their new grandchild starting from birth.

Let’s celebrate and honor our grandmothers!

Tawnya, the founder of Money Saved Money Earned, shares a fun story of how her grandmother got her nickname.

She says, “My grandma’s name is Eleanor, but everyone calls her Nelly. However, her childhood nickname was Sugar and so people who knew her then call her Sugar or  Sug and her nieces and nephews call her that as well because their parents called her that.”

Her grandmother added, “When I was born, my dad held me in his large hand and said, “She’s my little Sugar.” And the name stuck, for some reason. I was always called Sugar after that.

Judy Stelling, a grandmother and Product Director of Guides at GetSetup, said her grandchildren called her Juju. She mentions, “It’s based on my name Judy and was easy to say when they were young so it stuck.

Another grandma with a nickname is Laura Horton, founder of Hound101. Her sassy grandma’s name is Gaga, because it’s what her grandchildren said when they were toddlers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like traditional grandma names, southern grandma names, or sassy grandma names, there are a number of grandmother names to choose from. Pick out a couple of alternative names that match your personality.

If the sassy grandma names don’t feel like your thing, grandma’s name can simply be a traditional name. It can still be a cute name or a special name. 

When you hold your new grandchild repeat the names in front of them. You might get a reaction that may determine the perfect name. It could grow to be a legendary tale you can share with your fellow grandmas at the baby shower.

Have fun with all the grandparent names and have fun with the baby boy or baby girl! Just tell grandpa he’s next in line to come up with name ideas, such as sassy grandpa names.

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