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  1. Excellent article. I’m a 60 year-old never married white MGTOW male. In retrospect, wish I’d done things differently with jobs and careers. Work a day job in a scrap yard dispatching trucks and operating a weigh scale. Not a great use of my talents, toxic company, wages and benefits not too great, but steady work. Been there 5 years. Work a night gig 1-2 nights week during the school year at a CC teaching in a 9 month welding program. Money good, but no full-time opportunities. Don’t have to interact with feminist liberal types in the vocational technical programs, so that’s a plus! Graduates normally get decent welding jobs out of the program. Machinist program is good too , as well as the millwright program. Good money. I’d recommend MGTOW men look at the machinist trade. Really any grungy job out there will give some respite from HR types, feminists, leftists, PC types, SJWs. I recently had an HR woman tell me that white males are the best hires because you can terminate them at will, and they don’t have any recourse against an employer, as white males are not a protected class! Even old guys like me can’t push the ageism agenda! Wow! Screwed up!

  2. timothy vincent says:

    The merchant navy (as in cargo, not cruise ships) is surely up there, as far as mgtow jobs are concerned. It’s overwhelmingly male dominated in general, and even more so in the marine engineering department. Being away from home several months at a time is going to be far less of an issue when you’re not leaving a family behind. Plus if you’re working in international shipping most of the year, and are a citizen of one of the vast majority of countries that don’t tax their non-resident citizens, then you can avoid paying income taxes.

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