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  1. Very interesting article Sthepan, very informative. NTI At Home seems to be ideal to work from home if you are disabled, but the requirments that they are requiring are enough to be able to work for yourself, like computer, internet access etc. sadly most people with disabilites dont know how to start or who to ask, when starting their own online business and many belive that all the online opportunities are scams, but seems like you have the right answer and the right opportunity. regards!!

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks for chiming in Ibhar! Yes, it’s a good thing that NTI is out there for people with disabilities.

  2. I like you site and I am glad to have come across it. I did not know programs like this existed, sure seems like a good idea. I have a woman that works for me part time from home. She is pretty much home bound, if I ever get to a place where I can’t keep her I will tell her about this. Do you know if an employer has to offer a minimum of 20 hours?

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Scott, thanks for commenting! As far as I know, 20 hours is in fact the minimum amount of hours required.

  3. Hi Stephan,

    I can’t tell you how much I love your website and this article in particular. My career was working with disabled individuals who had both physical and mental challenges.

    I worked in a vocational program where I would support them at their job site. So much has changed since then, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic what you are doing for people who are not able to leave their homes to go to work.

    I have not heard of this organization before. It’s wonderful how you are bringing so much awareness and hope to people by showing them that it is possible to make a living from home and do well at it.

    I wish you the very best, much success and happiness!



    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks so much Anna! Sounds like you had a very rewarding career helping out people with physical and mental challenges — kudos to you! : -D

  4. lisa smith says:

    I think NTI is a rip off, they just want to get your ticket to work information. They are wanting people that have more skills than they have and more computer than they can afford.

  5. Hey, thanks for this amazing site, great job. I am blind and looking for work at home jobs doing customer or tech support over the phone. Any of you guys visually impaired and doing work at home? I am currently in the process of applying with NTI myself, and just finished a certification program for telecommunications. Any info appreciated.

  6. Kim Davis says:

    Hi Stephen. I just learned of the NTI program, so I began to look for more information about it and that’s where I came across your informative article. I have a question, though. If you begin working for NTI or any other place for that matter, do you have to give up your SSD or does it just supplement it? Thank you!

  7. Mary Jo Long says:

    I received a call from NTI and I am wondering how they got my cell phone number?

  8. cecelia redd says:

    I would like to know is this paid training?

    1. Hi Cecelia, the first week is a free trial period and thereafter monthly payments. Hope that helps!

  9. Howard Hall says:

    The training with the company that hired you is paid. The training you do with NTI is NOT paid. I was with them through the Ticket To Work program and they are in it for the money from Social Security. I pulled my ticket and went to another organization.

  10. Hi Stephan,

    I came across your article while compiling some reviews for a friend of mine. I am currently contracted with NTI, working in a virtual call center. I have been with them since October of 2016. I must have gotten lucky, because I approached NTI at the end of August of 2016 and my start date for seasonal work was October 2 2016.

    I was hired with the company I am contracted with permanently when the Christmas season was over and just got promoted again within the company I am contracted with. The best time to apply with NTI would be around the holiday season, so around this time. Yes, the pay is measly. However, I am able to gain real world experience and have more financial independence.

    After almost 10 years without a real job, I honestly thought that I would never work again. This job has given me so much. As for the technology aspect of it, don’t sell the disabled short. A lot of us realize that technology, the internet and the computer are becoming a life line and a must have. They are no longer luxuries. I had to slap together on a shoe string budget a computer, monitor and wired peripherals for my current job in very short order. I have been lucky, knock on wood, that my computer has held up well.

    1. Hi Helen, thanks for chiming in. I’m glad things worked out with you with NTI! I’m well aware that they help some people, just wanted to create as a fair of a review as I could. All the best!

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