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  1. Kelly Elliott says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips and the navigation of your site was easy to follow. How did you get that navigation table of contents, I thinks it really helps organize all this great content.
    Thanks for the tip on Bluehost as well I will be checking that out later today. Thanks again, good work

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hey Kelly, so the table of contents was created with Thrive Themes, one of the 12 affiliate programs I recommend in this article!

  2. This is a great review, filled with facts and info for anyone looking for an online career. I love your detailed reviews because you go so in-depth on each topic. I’m curious which of the affiliate networks you think has the best platform and is the easiest to work with. I’m not sure which ones to sign up with and since Amazon doesn’t seem to be that great if you really want to make money, I’d rather put my efforts toward more individual retailers.  

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Shannon, that’s tough to answer specifically as it largely depends on your niche. That said, I particularly enjoy promoting Thrive Themes as I find it practically sells itself. 😉

  3. Hmm, being a beginner, I haven’t seen some of these yet, so I’ll add them to my list of programs to look into. I’ve done some stuff with Amazon, and you can make money, but like you said, the higher-end tickets will help you make the money you’re looking for a lot quicker (and easier) than the lower-end stuff.

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Yup, thanks for reading Cyrus.

  4. Hi Stephan,

    Great round up! I liked that you saved the best for last. 🙂 

    I use Focus Blog by Thrive Themes, but I wasn’t aware that Thrive Themes had an affiliate program. Do they manage their program themselves or do it via a third party platform? 

    One of the things that many newbie affiliate marketers struggle with is to find a profitable niche. We all have activities that we enjoy doing, but some niches are just too hard to monetize and others are just so competitive that it’s hard to make money from them. I hope you’ll write a post about the most profitable niches in 2019 to help people who are just starting their affiliate marketing journey to choose a profitable niche.

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Princila, thanks for reading. Yes, Thrive Themes manages their own affiliate program and they’re great to work with! And thanks for the idea about writing the most profitable niches for 2019. It’s something I’ll definitely consider!

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