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  1. Thank you so much for including my blog on this list, especially among such great bloggers! The Lyme community as been overwhelmingly supportive, and it helps so much when coping with this invisible illness. Keep up the good work of spreading the word about Lyme!

    1. Absolutely, Kerry! Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  2. This is an incredible resource for people who know they have Lyme disease or suspect they have it. It’s inspirational to see how many people cope with this hidden illness and how many inspire others to continue their battle. Not only are some of the blogs from regular family members, but also doctors and advocates for those suffering through Lyme disease as well. Well done highlighting these great sites!

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks for the compliment Kerri!

  3. Stephan, I am honored to be mentioned here as one of the best Lyme blogs to follow. Thank you so much for helping to get the word out about Lyme disease. My hope is that my story can help to educate others about Lyme, how to get diagnosed, find the best treatment and encourage them during their healing.

  4. Thank you for compiling such an informative list of well written and educational blogs in our Lyme community. I might also suggest adding – This blogger writes eloquently about her struggles and treatment with Lyme and provides informative snippets. Wishing you well.

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for chiming in and thanks for the compliment, I’ll take a look at! All the best…

  5. This was extremely interesting to me, most people (myself included) have very little idea what Lyme disease is and for me it is an eye opener to understand how it can be so debilitating. Is there any real relief for symptoms? Is there any way to help bring awareness to this?

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Andy, regarding symptom-relief, it’s tough because we’re all so different and respond so differently to treatments. No one size fits all! As far as awareness, here’s a resource to help you. Best…

      1. Stephan,
        Thanks for all your great insights and links. Just a quick note here to let you know that your “here’s a resource” link above in your reply to Andy takes us away from your page. I clicked it, expecting to open a new window, and panicked when it pulled me away from this fascinating discussion!
        Lyme warrior

        1. Hi Dana, I just fixed the link so that it opens to a new window. Thanks again!

  6. Carolyn Hamilton says:

    Hi is this where you leave the names of the best lyme disease bloggers?

    If so, I nominate:

    1) Lisah, aka Lisa Hilton.
    Lisa is one of the veteran lyme disease afflicted and extremely well known throughout the lyme community. She responds to every single question asked of her within 24 hours or less.
    Lisa is also one of the most knowledgeable people with lyme disease I know of.
    She is on Facebook and has a YouTube vlog as well.
    She is kind beyond words, patient as a saint and extremely intelligent.

    2) Patrick Plum ~ He’s the most favored new lyme disease vlogger. Currently on YouTube with extremely accurate and engaging portrayals and commentary about lyme disease and what living life with lyme disease is truly like.
    He has a Facebook and Instagram page. I can’t remember if he has a blog, his videos are so fabulous, I have shared them on Facebook lyme disease support groups and to anyone else on Facebook.
    Hundreds if not more have started following and posting his engaging videos, he’s not a professional actor however, he is certainly professional enough to be a television host on lyme disease.
    Perhaps a health channel , Bravo etc…
    Although Bravo refused to renew Yolanda Hadid if she ever spoke of lyme disease again (on RHOBH).
    I personally would love to manage a health care television show strictly speaking of lyme disease and the hundreds of details and chronic illnesses associated with lyme.
    I would love to manage Patrick on such an informative show that would bring the much needed awareness to the world.
    Thank you and I hope that I have posted this in the correct place.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for your comment and making me aware of other Lyme bloggers to include in this post. I’ll certainly take a look at Lisah’s posts/videos, she sounds like a huge asset to the Lyme community. In regards to Patrick, yes, I recently stumbled upon his YouTube channel myself and I love it! Until I update this post, I encourage my readers to check out Patrick’s YouTube channel HERE and his Facebook page HERE.

      I hope one day you’ll be able to fulfill your dream of becoming a manager of a health care TV show in the not too distant future Carolyn 🙂

      To your health, Stephan

  7. Fabulous resource! Thank you for your time and effort in researching these blogs. I have all the links open in new windows and intend to read through several of them this afternoon…as the rain falls and I have the heat on for the first time this season.

    Want to mention that a couple years ago, after surviving years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease that was caught and treated late, I wrote a fiction novel–a Lyme Disease murder mystery/conspiracy theory book–in which the main character suffers from the ailments I dealt with in a similar timeline as mine. It was a way to talk about my Lyme, while trying to make sense of all the medical incongruities in a world in which we patients have to seek out Lyme Literate MDs–something I’d never heard of, but will always be grateful for since I am full of more good days than bad now. I found a publisher this year, and my book is due out in December.

    Thanks again for posting these excellent resources!


    1. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment Dana! I wish you great success with your novel, sounds super interesting 🙂

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