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  1. Wow, I never would have thought about any of these ways to make money by selling your body, or at least parts of your body.

    I have heard about people selling their kidneys, (don’t think I’m up for that one, I’m kinda fond of them) and their hair, but for the rest of them, nope never heard of it..

    You really have my mind working hard now, with ways to make money with my body lol.

    Great article, thanks for sharing this information.


    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for commenting! Yup, there are even crazier ideas I came across like becoming a professional mourner at funerals! Who would have believed that tears have value? lol.

  2. Hey how come eggs are more valuable than sperm? 😀 Well i am over 40 so I can’t sell mine anyway 🙂
    40 bucks for my poop isn’t bad though. I am vegan so my poop is super healthy lol…Too much information :D.
    This article has been so interesting and made me laugh a few times. It is amazing what you can actually sell, isn’t it. Very nice website, buddy 🙂

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Yes, it’s downright sexist that eggs are more valuable than sperm! 😉

      So, perhaps there’s another reason to become vegan: get your poop up to snuff to sell! lol!

      Thanks Robert

  3. Hi Stephan,

    Nice in depth article on how to earn money with your body. To be honest I didn’t know all these opportunities existed. I like the Wealthy Affiliate option because it allows you to build an on line income for the long run. Great site by the way.. I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone with a disability.

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Celeste, yes, these are mostly short-term options to make quick money, not something to make a career of (can you imagine??) 😉 Thanks…

  4. I’m amazed at how much I’d be able to make selling my “naturals” lol…

    My poop would be a little embarrassing but sperm could work great. Though, it strikes me how sexist this world has become…how come a single egg sells ten times as much as sperm? Where did we go wrong?

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Dave, gotta take what we can get, right? Do you have any better idea? 😉

  5. Matt's Mom says:

    I honestly did not know you could sell all these things. I have heard of people donating their hair, but not selling it. I had to chuckle at selling breast milk. Boy, what about, say, a drug user? Couldn’t this not harm whoever bought it? Doesn’t seem very regulated. I don’t know that I am sold on any of these ideas :/

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi there, well for each of these methods, there’s a screening process involved thanks for the comment.

  6. Omg
    I have been struggling, I have dysautonomia so i can sympathize with you on your condition because i know Lyme disease can cause autonomic dysfunction. I still dont know what is causing my dysautonomia but i just know i cant work like before. I dont want to sound negative but right now im in a position where i cant make ends meet, more due to the fact that im disabled. I dont have much support from anyone so at this point im desperately trying to find a way to survive in this world. Great article by the way!

  7. I see that people in U.S are lucky, they have opportunities. I live in Africa with a disability. What opportunities can I take advantage of?

  8. hi Stephan,
    I just looked this page up again, but I like what I see and will surely be coming back and sending more people to this page more often from now on. thanks for making it.
    I was hit by a car when I was 10 back in 1988 and life has been extremely hard since then. my mom and I have been shunned by our family and friends even though we’re not Amish. I walked the halls of the schools I went to since then all alone and the most attention I got was being made fun of or beat up.
    finding a job has been hard cause I don’t drive and my mom is disabled too, plus I have a big French mastiff puppy who requires constant attention.
    so anyway, thanks again for making this great website!!

    1. Glad you find it helpful Jon! I wish you all the best with your future endeavors… 🙂

  9. Incredibly interesting article! It just goes to show that there are a million and one ways to generate an income. While these aren’t exactly conventional, they are means, nonetheless. For people with disabilities, this could be a goldmine. I’ll definitely have to give it a show to anyone with a disability. You learn things everyday on the internet! Anyway, good article and thanks for providing it. It definitely gives an interesting, new perspective on money generation. 

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks Koda!

  10. iantrader says:

    Hi Stephan – that is absolutely fascinating!

    I have a visual disability so I look normal. And otherwise I am pretty normal 🙂 It’s not bad enough to be classified as visually impaired. The main problem is making out detail so reading is incredibly difficult. I need large text and my reading speed is about that of a five-year old.

    I could do a couple of the things on the list but I like your affiliate marketing idea the best 🙂  As my reading and writing are both slow, how much of an impediment would that be?

    Thank you, Ian

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Ian, thanks for commenting! Given your impediment, doing affiliate marketing would most likely be a slow process, but still doable. All the best to you… 

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